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React is the most popular JavaScript front-end library, often addressed as a framework, created and maintained by Facebook. React is an efficient and flexible open-source solution used for building simple yet efficient, scalable, and fast websites and apps. Since its launch in 2013, React quickly became one of the favorite options both among developers and companies in need of powerful front-end technology. According to the latest Stack Overflow survey in 2019, React was recognized as the most loved web framework in the software development community.

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React can be used for creating single-page apps with high traffic, as well as large applications with complex interfaces. What’s more, software created with React is guaranteed scalability, fast load, and great SEO. That’s not news that React is a preferred choice of global corporations and industry leaders. Besides Facebook and Instagram that are partially built with React, this technology is used by such renowned companies as IBM, Netflix, Yahoo, Atlassian, The New York Times, among others. React is a popular option when it comes to creating an app for literally any business, including travel agencies, banks, medical institutions, SaaS companies, and many more.

To sum up, React offers tons of benefits, including speed of development, flexibility, performance, usability, and more. No wonder that React development became so in-demand, and many companies want to hire dedicated ReactJS developers for their business needs. In that article you will find out how to hire a React developer and other related information.

What Skills Should a React Developer Have?

A skilled React developer for hire should possess the following technical skills:

  • Hands-on knowledge of JavaScript and React
  • Familiarity with popular JavaScript front-end frameworks and their specifics
  • Basic knowledge of ReactJS workflows (Redux, Flux)
  • Good knowledge of HTML/CSS
  • Familiarity with RESTful APIs
  • GIT experience
  • Understanding modern front-end build pipelines and tools
  • Familiarity with common front-end development tools (Babel, Webpack, NPM, etc.)
  • Experience with the creation and maintenance of development-related documentation

What Projects a React Programmer Can Help With?

Here are just a few examples of what a company can hire React JS programmer for:

  • Dashboards with rich user interfaces
  • Business websites
  • News platforms
  • Social networks
  • eCommerce apps
  • Messaging apps
  • Entertainment apps, and much more!

Comparing React Developer Salary Rates in Different Countries

If we compare front end React developer salary rates in different countries, it’s easy to notice that React developer salaries depend a lot on the location of the expert rather than their skills and experience. Let’s take a look at how much a Junior React developer can earn in the following countries:

As you can see, Junior React developer salary rates are the lowest in Ukraine. At the same time, Ukrainian coders are one of the most world-renowned specialists. Let’s compare Middle React developer salary figures:

Similar to the Junior React JS developer salary rates, a Middle React programmer in the US earns the highest among the five countries. Ukrainian coders, on the other hand, charge about five times lower, having a similar skillset and experience. If talking about senior React developer salary rates, we can see the following situation:

  • The US – $121,634
  • The UK – £90,000 ($117,768)
  • Switzerland – CHF 118,000 ($129,177)
  • Denmark – DKK 577,153 ($91,268)
  • Ukraine – $48,000 (may vary up to $60,000)
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React Programmer Hiring Process Step by Step

The process of hiring a React web developer consists of the following steps:


Sourcing helps to find and identify suitable candidates with relevant skills and experience. Due to IT experts shortage and high demand for IT talents, the recruitment process includes sourcing both active and passive candidates. In fact, most of the developers, including React programmers, are passive candidates with a current workplace who are willing to consider other offers. That’s why recruiters have to not only publish job offers on job boards but also write about open positions on social media and set up job offer ads on different resources. This way, it is possible to reach out to many passive candidates that may be a good fit for your job position. What’s more, these sourcing actions allow for targeting those React developers that don’t show up in basic searches or have their resumes hidden at the moment.


Screening relates to evaluating the applications and responses received from the candidates who got interested in your job position. At this stage, it is important to assess which candidates can potentially perform the job well, check their coding skills, and discuss some basic project-related questions. There’s no defined number how many candidates should pass the screening process, as it depends on your business needs and the number of React programmers you plan to hire for your company or project.


There are several ways of conducting job interviews. It can rather be a group interview when you invite the previously screened candidates in groups to evaluate their hard and soft skills in real time or individual interviews with each of selected candidates. It’s a good practice to have a technical person or a team lead from the company at the interview so that they could check the React skills of each candidate and ask some tech questions. However, it may be time-consuming for the IT person, especially if you are already in the middle of the software development process.


Ideally, the React developer you select after the interview and skills assessment accepts your offer once you send it. In reality, however, many times, job offers are rejected because of some competing offerings or the compensation package offered. As a result, recruiters have to send offers to the second-best candidate, and it adds to the time spent on the hiring process. Usually, all these steps take from several weeks to two months, depending on the business requirements and industry specifics.


Finally, the goal is achieved! You now have a highly skilled React programmer with the matching experience and expertise to work on your project.

Alternatively, you can delegate the hiring process to a reputable React developer outstaffing agency that can perform all the steps above on your behalf and provide you with the best React programmer to meet your business requirements and personal preferences.

Questions to Ask React Developer During Interview

Below you can find some useful questions to ask when you hire React developer. Besides asking about the previous working experience of the candidate and evaluating their soft skills, it is essential to understand their knowledge and expertise in ReactJS and whether the candidate meets your business requirements. For this purpose, consider asking the following but not limited to questions:

  1. How would you explain React to someone who is not tech-savvy?
  2. How would you describe React to a developer?
  3. How do you understand the concepts of MVC, MVP, MVVM?
  4. What is the lifestyle of React components?
  5. How does context API work in React?
  6. Describe your familiarity with Redux.
  7. Why did you decide to go with React and not the other frameworks?

React Programmer Resume Samples to Note

How should a resume of a front end developer React look like? We have prepared three samples of React JS developer resumes to check out. Below, you can find resume samples of a Junior, Middle, or Senior React programmer and keep the relevant skills and experience in mind when reviewing applications from candidates.

Junior React Developer Resume Sample

junior react js developer resume example

Middle React Redux Developer Resume Sample

middle react developer resume sample

Senior React JS Developer Resume Sample

senior react developer resume sample

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We hope that now you see why React is highly popular among both programmers and companies wanting to hire React developer to achieve their business goals. React offers numerous benefits for software development, be it a cooperative platform or entertainment apps targeted on a specific auditory. Although it is hard to define a one-size-fits-all framework, React seems to be the closest option to this term.

Should you want to hire a React expert for your company, here, you can find first-class assistance. If you are looking for credible React JS consulting or staffing services, we will be pleased to help you find and hire an expert remote React developer meeting all your requirements and preferences.

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