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Everything You Should Know Before You Hire React Redux Developer

According to the StackOverflow Survey 2020, React JS is the 2nd most loved JavaScript library, and React Native is the 10th most popular framework with a popular score of over 57.9%. Redux is a very powerful state container management tool, which can be used for any kind of application development with React JS and other JavaScript libraries and frameworks. Thousands of websites use the power of React Redux tool for professional web and app development. According to a survey, more than 74.7% of web developers want to either learn the Redux library or want to learn it.

In this piece of text, let’s have a deeper insight into the popularity, usage, benefits of Redux, the main skills of a great UI developer Redux professional, what is Redux used for and what are the benefits of React Redux Node development.

What Is React Redux?

Redux is a very lightweight state container for building cross-platform applications. It creates great value in app development when used with React JS. This tool of containerized state management in app development offers great predictability, consistency, and live code-editing in both client and server environments. The most common use of the Redux library is to manage the state in container technology with full predictivity for building cross-environment web applications. Amazon, Instagram, Stack, DoorDash, Robinhood are a few important companies that use React Redux projects.

According to the BuiltWith statistics, more than 31,971 websites use Redux with over 16,592 websites live at the time of writing this piece of text. About 38 websites rank in the top 10K websites while 2,236 websites in the top 1M use React Redux as a core technology. The United States, Canada, UK, Germany, and India are the top 5 countries with the highest number of websites powered by Redux functional programming respectively.

Like other frameworks and libraries, there are certain pros and cons of Redux too; a few salient characteristics of Redux are listed below.

  • Very lightweight library of just 2KB size
  • Works great with many other JavaScript libraries like React and others
  • Offers highly predictable management of states in Create React App Redux
  • A very powerful and consistent state managing tools in the app development market
  • Powerful data-flow architecture for cross-platform apps
  • Offers capabilities of editing the website code in the live state
  • A great example of containerized development
  • Offers great code maintainability and server rendering options
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Who Is a React Redux Developer?

Redux developer is a JavaScript application developer who is able to create the most responsive, interactive, and consistently operated web/mobile application. A ReactJS Redux developer uses the power, features, functions, and capabilities of both ReactJS and Redux libraries simultaneously for building a complex cross-platform app in which the state inside the React components is managed by the container capability of Redux.

Roles and Responsibilities of Redux Developer

React Redux developer responsibilities and roles are mostly limited to the front-end development of web or mobile apps based on JavaScript. A few important roles and responsibilities of a React Redux developer in Redux programming are listed below.

  • Designing UX/UI for web application
  • Understanding user requirements and translating into application interfaces
  • Developing Restful API code for integration
  • Developing code for entire front-end structure with ReactJS and Redux
  • Testing and debugging front-end code
  • Working with numerous tools and packages such as MobX, Create React App, Webpack, Babel, Immutable, and others
  • Experience in designing and developing web/mobile application based on React JS and Redux confluence
  • Experience in cross-browser and cross-environment application development in ReactJS/Redux environment
  • Experience in working with the functional components and state management through React and Redux libraries

Redux library has already got huge traction in the field of the web application for building highly interactive and responsive applications. The confluence of ReactJS and Redux knowledge makes the hottest resume in the present-day job market. So, having Redux containerized state management skills make the most demanded developer in the marketplace.

Major Skills and Experience of a Great Redux Developer

According to the IT Job Watch information, 1.88% of the total advertised permanent jobs are associated with the Redux skill in the UK. This ratio is continuously increasing during the past few years. To land a good job in the Redux web development field, a Redux developer should have the following skills and experience.

Technical skills:

  • Strong knowledge of programming languages like HTML, CSS, ES6 syntax, TypeScript, and JavaScript
  • Command over working with Redux and ReactJS libraries, Node.js, UX, UI, and web design
  • Command over major tools like React-Redux, Redux DevTools, RemoteDev, React Sight, Immutable, React Performance, MobX Developer, React Developer tool, Redux Toolkit
  • Strong understanding of back-end APIs and databases such as MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and others
  • Knowledge of Git repository and other collaboration, testing, and debugging tools 

Professional experience & qualifications:

  • Experience in developing applications based on React-Redux platform
  • Experience in UX/UI designing
  • Experience in understanding and assessing customer requirements
  • Experience in developing complex web application solutions based on Redux JavaScript library
  • Experience in code testing, debugging, and performance monitoring 
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Main Capabilities of React Redux Developers for a Team Extension

A Redux developer plays a very critical role in developing highly professional web and mobile applications. The popularity of React and Redux used in tandem to develop highly complex and comprehensive web solutions has increased significantly in the marketplace. Redux-based web environments create a great user experience by providing great performance, responsiveness, and attractive interfaces.

The following capabilities of React Redux developers offer great value for building a professional React.js development team:

  • Expertise in cutting-edge technologies
  • An innovative approach to address problems
  • Effective use of React/Redux features
  • Compliance with the latest industry best practices
  • Effective adoption of modern web development trends

How to Hire Redux Developers

If you’re looking to build complex, scalable, and high-performance web applications, hiring Redux or MobX developers can be a game-changer. Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript applications, while MobX is a simple and scalable state management solution. 

When you hire Redux developer, you need to consider their technical skills, experience, and ability to work in a collaborative environment. To hire MobX developer for your project, you can search for candidates through job boards, social media, and online platforms that connect businesses with developers. 

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