how to find a great react developer

How to Find a Great React Developer: the Ultimate Guide

Finding the right React developer is really a big challenge in major countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, Western European countries, and other progressive economies of the world. According to TechRepublic research, 83% of the CIOs face a challenge in hiring developers with the right skill to fill the vacant positions. 

Let’s talk about global availability, demand, and the most effective ways to hire React.JS development team and also talk about the best destinations to find a great React developer remote for team augmentation.

Availability and Demand of React Developers for Hire

The entire world is facing a sizable shortage of software developers, especially in those technology domains, which are getting more popular like React JS and others. According to the latest figures, at the time of writing this piece of text, more than 398 thousand positions were unfilled against the availability of just 71 thousand possible candidates in the US only.

The React JS library is the 2nd most popular framework and the 8th topmost contributor to the enhanced salary of developers, according to the HackerRank Developer Skill Report 2020. This report also reveals that React JS is the top choice of developers to learn and it helps developers earn 8.7% more than the global average developer’s salary.

There are more than 35K jobs available on LinkedIn, about 1350 jobs on Indeed, 6938 jobs on, and thousands of other enterprises are looking for ReactJS developer to hire on different portals. Similarly, numerous enterprises in countries like the UK, France, Canada, Australia, and others are also interested in finding a front end developer React contractor for their respective teams.

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Where and How to Find a Great React Developer?

With the increased use of IT-related solutions, the number of a React developer needed has also increased significantly. Those IT solutions also created new ways on how to find a junior React developer or a senior consultant. A few very important online platforms and channels where professional developers can find React.JS contract remote offered by growing enterprises are mentioned below.


The referral is one of the most common channels for all major types of hiring models such as in-house, remote, and others. The referral channel commonly consists of colleagues, business partners, friends, associates, alumni, and others. In this form of hiring, any friend, colleague, associate, or business partner refers to someone for hire. The referral has information about the technical skills of that particular developer who is referred for hiring.


  • It is more reliable as guaranteed by the referral
  • It is a more natural form of hiring
  • It is fast to find React developer – the matching and tested tech-talent


  • Access to a limited number of talents
  • Reduced diversity
  • No healthy competition 

Freelance Platforms

Finding a great React JS developer on freelancing platforms is a very effective channel to fill remote junior React developer positions because in this form of hiring lack of reliability is one of the major downsides. So, hiring a senior or key role through freelance platforms is not recommended. A few examples of freelancing platforms include:

  • Upwork
  • Guru
  • Toptal
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • And many others


  • Access to a huge pool of tech-talent
  • Diversity of technical skills
  • Faster to find React developers and hire them
  • Very cost-efficient hiring


  • The most unreliable form of hiring
  • Huge risk of leaving a developer without any notice
  • Issues of quality remain

Job Boards

Online platforms where the open job positions are posted for anybody to apply for that position. A job seeker visits those portals and applies for the suitable positions that his/her skills are matching with. Normally, job seekers create their profiles in the databases of job portals that can be searched by the employers based on their subscription to that particular job portal. A few examples of job boards include:

  • Monster
  • Naukri
  • Glassdoor
  • Indeed
  • CareerBuilder
  • And many more


  • Access to a huge database of React JS developer across the world
  • Option to easily get professional support from the job board representative for a little fee
  • Much easier to find a suitable ReactJS developer


  • A longer process to hire a React JS developer
  • Need expertise and professional skills to complete a long process of hiring
  • The main features of job boards are available for some fee

Social Media

Social media has become one of the most attractive forms of finding tech-talent, especially React JS and other developers. By using social media websites, employers can post their jobs on those websites. The job seekers can either subscribe to a particular feed or search for the job matching the skills. The major websites of social media that provide support for finding developers include the following. 

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Craigslist
  • Plaxo
  • Jobster
  • And others


  • Easy to find a React JS developer
  • Well-assessed job seeker profiles
  • Professional reviews and recommendations available
  • A reliable form of finding developers
  • Cost-efficient hiring


  • Need both experience and expertise in the hiring process
  • Access to a limited number of talents
  • Chances of biased behaviors


Communities are a very powerful channel for hiring React JS developers. There are numerous open-source software platform communities for supporting software tools such as React JS, Redux, Angular, Vue, and many others. A large number of expert developers and tech-savvy contributors are available in those communities. An employer can hire a desired React JS developer in those communities. Example of a few communities include:

  • GitHub React community
  • Spectrum ReactJS community
  • StackOverflow React community
  • Reddit React community


  • Access to highly technical, skilled, and expert tech-talent
  • Easy to assess technically from their contribution
  • Easy to interview through informal ways
  • Easy to reach out to the most collaborating and knowledge-sharing professionals


  • A limited number of developers
  • Highly skilled but very costly to hire
  • Need a knowledge of the complete hiring process
  • Issues related to bias

Dedicated IT Staffing Services

Dedicated IT staffing services are the most reliable and fully managed services that offer professional-level service at a fixed fee. In this type of hiring channel, an IT staffing team accomplishes all processes and phases of hiring to help you build a dedicated team for a fixed price. You get full control over the technical team of React JS developers and the entire human resource management processes are handled by the provider team. 


  • It is a fully managed service powered by the guarantee of the providers
  • It is very suitable for all types and sizes of businesses
  • It is the most competitive trade-off between quality, reliability, and price
  • Offers low-risk and on-time delivery
  • A great quality powered by SLA is part of this service
  • All HR hiring and management processes are handled by professional experts


  • Fully managed but charged service

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What Is the Best Option for Businesses to Find React JS Developers?

Using the services of IT staffing companies is always great for the businesses to get professional-level service and focus on their respective core business ideas. Finding React JS developers remotely from Ukraine is one of the most popular trends in the software development field due to the following reasons:

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We are one of the best Ukrainian companies that offer very professional services to find, hire, and build your team for React JS development by providing all benefits mentioned in the above list. Now you know how to find React programmer and everything related to it.

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