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Migrating from Vue to React: Reasons for Switching and How to Do That?

No doubt, React JS has rocked the web app development field in recent years due to numerous features and capabilities. But Vue JS is a new rising star and one of the fastest-growing progressive JavaScript frameworks, which offer tough competition to ReactJS and other competitors in the JavaScript library/framework field.

Faster development, higher performance, better server-side rendering SSR, and shorter learning curves are a few popular characteristics that make enterprises think to switch from React to VueJS. This article will guide you on how to switch from React to VueJS and introduces you to the skills, prerequisites, and benefits of doing so. You can also check how to proceed and what kind of developer is needed from migrating from jQuery to React.

React JS & Vue JS Overview

Vue.JS is a JavaScript framework, which claims as a progressive framework for front-end development, has achieved substantial fame and popularity in the field of JavaScript-based app development. On the other hand, React JS has already cruised to the leading position in recent years.

ReactJS is launched by Facebook as an open-source JavaScript library for building interactive, responsive, secure apps with a high level of performance. As of to-date, 1,005,701 websites use the React JS library with many websites such as Yandex.ru, and Yahoo with multi-billion unique visitors every month. The US, China, and Indonesia are the top 3 countries with the maximum number of React-powered websites. React has over 157K stars and more than 13.5K comments on GitHub.

As far as the Vue.JS is concerned, as many as 195,871 websites are powered by the Vue JS framework. The monthly growth rate of Vue-powered websites is about 1.52%. The US, China, and Russia are top countries with a large number of Vue-based websites. According to GitHub statistics, VueJS has 3.1K commits but has earned over 173K stars, which show the fastest-growing popularity of this framework.

Both VueJS and ReactJS use virtual DOM, powerful server-side rendering, and light size to provide high performance on web apps. The availability of ReactJS developers is much higher than the VueJS; in fact, there is an acute shortage of skilled Vue developers in the market. That’s why enterprises consider Vue migrate to React.

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Migrating from Vue to React: What’s Needed

As highlighted in the above paragraph, ReactJS has numerous features, capabilities, and competitive-edge that make it one of the most attractive JS libraries and make people consider compiling Vue to React platform. Among those features of ReactJS that lead developers to consider the Vue to React conversion project, a few are mentioned below:

  • Syntax. React uses JSX, which is an expressive XML syntax through JavaScript, and easily supports CSS and HTML languages. This is one of the attractive reasons to add React to a Vue project.
  • Support. ReactJS support is powered by a huge community and a wide range of documents, tutorials, blogs, and discussion groups. Only on StackOverflow, more than 250,400 questions have been asked and answered.
  • Performance. The performance of Vue compared to React has a very small edge, especially in startup time. But, the run time performance of React is better than Vue. The memory allocation process is very efficient in Vue. So, the Vue vs React performance balance will go Vue’s way.
  • Scalability. React JS offers a great-level of capabilities to scale up the development projects, especially in a large ecosystem of Multi-Page App (MPAs) and Single Page Applications (SPAs). But, Vue CLI offers numerous templates for scaling up the development. This is one of the benefits of Vue over React but other factors have a clear edge over Vue. 
  • Server-side rendering. The capabilities of the server-side rendering of both React JS and VueJS are amazingly great. Vue has inbuilt capabilities about SSR, which make it a producer of great user experience.
  • Demand/Supply of tech-talent. The demand as well as the supply of React JS developers is very high in the marketplace. Many companies are in search of hiring skilled React JS developers at attractive packages. The availability of ReactJS developers is sufficient in the market. The VueJS platform lacks in both demands as well as the supply of the tech-talent.

Other than the above-mentioned factors, a few more characteristics and capabilities of the ReactJS and Vue JS framework are compared in the following table.

FeaturesReact JS LibraryVue JS Platform
Data BindingUnidirectionalTwo-way Data Binding
Mobile App DevelopmentAwesomeGood
Coding SpeedModerately fastVery Fast
Learning CurveModerateShort
Code UseabilityGoodGood
Support StructureFragmentedOrganized
Suitable forLarge Multi-Page application MPASmall Single Page Application SPA

How to Migrate Vue to React and What Resources Are Needed?

Migrating Vue to React is a complex and professional process, which needs certain resources and prerequisite conditions for migration as mentioned below.

Migration Process

  • Choose the suitable approach of migration such as bottom-up approach, top-down, or replacing from scratch (complete rewrite)
  • Devise a proper scheme of developing and replacing components, functions, and functions of existing application
  • Develop and test different features individually
  • Deploy newly developed components and functions
  • Replace core components of the application
  • Implement parallel CI/CD policy for both frameworks for effective management 

Required Resources

  • Team of developers highly skilled in React JS and VueJS framework
  • Major tools and packages used for both ReactJS and VueJS development
  • A step by step procedure document for migration
  • Contingency plan for reverting any mishap or failure attempt 


  • Strictly follow the predesigned migration plan
  • Properly tested and verified components should be implemented
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Major Skills Needed for a Developer to Convert Vue to React JS

A developer or React consultant that you hire for migrating a Vue application to React JS should have the following skills.

  • Core languages. The developer should have knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Java, and TypeScript.
  • Technologies. A developer who migrates the Vue app to React should have extensive knowledge of ReactJS, VueJS, Reactive Native, Restful API, JSON, XML, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and others
  • Tools and packages. Redux, Flux, Immutable, Vue-router, Vuex, Axios, Vue CLI, Reactide, Code Sandbox, NPM, Create React App, Bit, React Sight, and others 

Choose Ukrainian Developers for Vue to React Converter Projects

Hiring local developers for converter projects from Vue to React is a very costly and lengthy process in many Western European, North American, and a few other countries. So, hiring remote developers from Ukraine for this purpose is a great option. Ukrainian developers are highly technical savvy and offer a high quality of work at very competitive prices.

Ukraine boasts a vast pool of skilled developers that can assist businesses with seamless moving from Vue to React. Ukrainian developers have ample experience with both Vue.js and React JS, making it easy to transition from one framework to another. 

Furthermore, they are well-versed in React libraries such as Redux, MobX, and React Router, among others, which are essential in building high-performance and scalable web applications. By hiring Ukrainian Vue.js for React developers, businesses can be assured of receiving custom solutions tailored to their specific needs. 
Additionally, hiring Ukrainian developers for React to Vue converter projects provides the flexibility and convenience of remote collaboration, which saves time and reduces costs. With a track record of delivering high-quality code within strict timelines, Ukrainian developers are an ideal choice for businesses looking to migrate from Vue to React.

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