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Migration from Angular to React: Why Proceed with It and Who Can Help?

The migration of Angular websites to React website has become very popular nowadays due to numerous benefits that React JS offers in terms of simplicity, easy-to-use, community support, and performance. In the latest Developer Survey 2020 conducted by StackOverflow, React JS has secured the second rank followed by Angular JS in the most loved JavaScript platforms and library category.

The increased popularity of the React JS library in building responsive, modular, and high-performance websites has pushed the enterprises to migrate Angular to React platforms in the global marketplace. So, let’s talk about the reasons, pros, and cons of converting Angular to React websites and who can help you migrate your website from the Angular platform to the React JS library or even help with migrating from Vue to React.

Migration from Angular to React Quick Overview?

Replacing the Angular powered functions and code with the innovative libraries of React in a systematic way so that no complete overhaul of the code is required. The systematic changes may be carried out in different schemes to migrate Angular 2 to React. The entire migration needs to be done with the proper refactoring of the existing code, which is debugged, tested, and performing code based on the Angular framework. 

Many web applications and websites are consistently looking for migrating from Angular to React to achieve the advantages of React over Angular platform. The major reasons why choose React over Angular are listed below:

reasons to migrate angular to react

Top Technical and Business Reasons to Migrate from Angular to React

The major technical and business reasons for using AngularJS or ReactJS will be compared in the following table. Before that, let elaborate on those major reasons from a technical and commercial perspective.

  • Simple API. The React JS API is so simple powered by the component lifecycle method, which allows you to control the website components with the use of a small number of them. Similarly, the React JS offers React ES6 class component capabilities such as state, props, and others, which allow the developers to update the major internal components of the code very easily and smoothly. Integrating React applications through Fetch API and Axios API with the data is very simple and effective. Defining ES6 class and functional stateless components are also very simple in the React JS library.
  • Innovative style. React JS uses the modular approach to development, which allows the developers to build applications by choosing the small building blocks. This innovative way of building smaller solutions for the problems in an independent ecosystem makes the React JS library one of the most popular ones. The exchanging of building blocks and specific solutions is also supported in the React library by using Inferno, React Core, and Preact. The state management is made so simple and innovative by using Redux, MobX, and other tools.  
  • Large community. React JS is powered by Facebook and its partners, which constitute a large community for support. The power of a gigantic community also makes this open-source system more attractive for the developers as well as for the enterprises. Professional-grade documentation, blogs, tutorials, and articles are available for providing the required help to the learners. Meanwhile, a huge community answers every question that a learner asks. The response time of the community is also very fast as compared to many other open-source communities.
  • Shorter learning curve. React JS is a library, not a full-fledged platform. The learning curve is not so steep. You need to understand the view libraries and their components for building solutions to specific small problems and issues. Learning JSX is very simple and easy because it resembles JavaScript extensively. You don’t need to learn any other language to use React JS because this library is based on JavaScript.
  • One-way data-binding. React JS library supports the unidirectional binding of data. That makes it simpler in data flow powered by the state component that controls the data flows.
  • Declarative programming style. React JS functional programming is based on the declarative programming style. It is one of the most popular libraries and platforms with a declarative programming ecosystem. Any change of state in the user interfaces is rendered very fast by React JS declarative nature through virtual DOM to update the state.

The comparison of A few very important features and capabilities of the React JS library and Angular framework are mentioned in the following table.

FeaturesReact JS LibraryAngular Platform
Coding SpeedFastA bit slow
PackagingLargeLimited and need wrapping of external resources
Data BindingUnidirectionalTwo-way data binding
Learning-CurveShort and EasyLong and Steep
RenderingEfficientLess resourceful
Code UseabilityHighLow

Based on the above comparative analysis, we can justify the increasing popularity and reasons for the enterprise migrating from Angular to React. The major component related to performance is Angular DOM vs React DOM. React uses virtual DOM which is more efficient and faster than physical DOM.

hire programmer for switching from angular to react

Pros and Cons of Switching from Angular to React

Switching from a comprehensively developed, tested, and operational application in Angular to React has certain benefits as well as certain downsides. The list of those pros and cons are mentioned below.


  • Very clean and modular architecture
  • Faster development
  • Better performance
  • An innovative approach to problems
  • Lightweight components are very efficient
  • Easy to scale future functionalities 


  • Difficult to maintain interaction of old and new code
  • Incurring cost by abandoning existing resources and developing new ones

Who Can Accomplish Angular to React Migration?

An expert Angular/React developer with previous experience in migrating complex web applications from Angular to React can help you accomplish the migration task. You can either hire professional Angular and React developers to work dedicatedly on your project or outsource your project to a professional service provider company that offers React.JS migration services.

To achieve the benefits of React JS over Angular framework, you need a team with the following skills and experience:

  • Command over both React JS library and Angular
  • Previous experience of migrating Angular powered web apps to Angular
  • A deeper knowledge of migration strategies
  • Hands-on experience of implementing migration systematically 

How and Where to Find Developers Responsible for Moving from Angular to React?

The demand for web developers is very high in the existing global marketplace due to the shortage of skilled developers. In such circumstances, finding top-quality React development services and hiring developers who can migrate Angular applications to React is a cumbersome task.

Ukraine is one of the fastest-growing markets to hire qualified, experienced, and skilled React JS and Angular developers for migrating the websites and applications professionally. Working with Ukraine developers offers you numerous benefits like:

  • High quality of software development
  • Professional attitude and workflow
  • Market competitive prices
  • Access to a large pool of tech-savvy human resources
  • An innovative approach to problem solutions
  • Timely delivery with great commitment
  • High project success rate
  • The ideal geographical location for traveling
  • Overlapped working hours for the North American, European, and Asia-Pacific regions 

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