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React Developer Salary Comparison Worldwide

React JS is one of the fastest-growing skills in the web development marketplace all around the world. The React engineer salary varies from country to country, city to city, and region to region worldwide.

Let’s talk about the relationship between the cost of React JS developer and the complexity of roles/responsibilities, the major factors influencing the React developer cost, and comparison of cost in different countries in this article.

Complexity and Pay Relationship of React JS Developer Roles

React JS platform offers numerous features and capabilities. The use of those powerful features also increases the complexity of the website. Only an expert developer can use all those features and capabilities more effectively. The difference between the junior React developer salary and the senior react developer salary is very significant, which underlines the complexity of the role and responsibilities of a developer.

According to the Glassdoor information the entry-level React developer is paid about $62K, but the senior level React JS developer is paid up to $117K. This huge difference is due to the complex responsibilities and roles fulfilled by the React JS developers with extensive experience and a proven record of completing very complex projects. 

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React JS Developer Salary in Different Countries

The React JS developer cost as well as the React consultant cost varies in all major countries of the world due to numerous factors, which will be covered in the following paragraph. The average React programmer salary in a few major countries are listed in the table.

CountryReact Programmer Salary
Ukraine $24,000

It is very important to note that Switzerland and the USA are the most expensive countries in terms of hiring a React JS developer followed by the UK, Germany, Denmark, Australia, and Canada. Japan and Canada are also expensive countries for hiring React JS programmers but they are cheaper than the other major Western European countries and the US.

Ukraine is the most cost-efficient to hire a professional-level React JS developer. It costs almost 3 to 4 times less than the average cost in the USA. So, Ukraine is the most cost-efficient country to hire React engineers. In Ukraine, the React developer hourly rate is also very low as compared to the other developed countries.  

Top Factors Influencing ReactJS Developer Salary in Any Country

The salary of a React JS developer is not the same in different countries, cities, and markets. Numerous factors determine the salary of a React JS developer in any country. A few very important influencing factors are mentioned below:

factors that make impact on react js developer salary
  • Availability. The availability of the ReactJS developer is determined by the demand and supply of the developers in a particular market. If the supply of the tech-talent is not adequate to cater to the demand in the market, the salary soars up significantly.
  • Country’s economy. The type and size of the economy is another important factor that influences the salary of ReactJS developers. The bigger economies have a bigger demand for IT tech-talent, especially in the field of information technology, which increases the salary in the market.
  • Experience and skills. Experience and specific skills are very critical components that impact the salaries of a ReactJS developer in all countries, industries, and markets. Experienced ReactJS developers earn much higher salaries than beginner engineers. 
  • The complexity of role & responsibilities. The more complex the role and set of responsibilities, the more will be salary. Solving complex IT problems and creating innovative solutions in a complex technical environment influences the salaries hugely.
  • Type of industry. Every industry has different core ideas and technologies to work with. So, industry plays a very vital role in determining the salary of a React JS developer. The salary of React JS developers in the web and app development field is much higher than the banking sector because both industries have different core businesses. 
  • Miscellaneous factors. The miscellaneous factors include the React development company environment, staff retention policy, career development, size of the business, condition of the business, growth rate, living cost, and others. These factors collectively play an important role in determining the salary of a React JS developer.

React JS Job Openings on Major Job Portals in Different Countries

The demand for React JS developers has increased significantly during the past few years. The bigger companies like Facebook and others have generated a positive vibe triggering the demand for React JS developers. At present, the available positions for React JS skill on LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor job portals are mentioned in the following table.

If you look at the above table, you will find that the US, UK, France, Canada, and Germany are the top countries with huge demand for React JS developers respectively.

How Is Ukraine One of the Top Destinations for Searching React JS Programmers?

Hiring a React JS developer for migration from Angular to React in the Western European, North American, and Asia-Pacific countries have numerous constraints including the cost. In such circumstances, Ukraine has emerged as the top destination for searching React JS programmers. The main reasons for that include:

  • A huge pool of ReactJS and other tech-talent
  • Great quality of services in compliance with European quality standards, especially in software development
  • Ideal geographical location, which is suitable for nearshoring, offshoring, and outstaffing from all over the world.
  • State of the art infrastructure and professional-level management
  • Shared culture and overlapped working hours with all major industrialized countries
  • Technical savvy nation powered by professional-grade commitment, attitude, and innovation

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