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Excellent React JS Developer Resume Samples

A professional React JS developer resume is a very important document that showcases all aspects of a developer’s technical and personal abilities and attributes by highlighting the most crucial qualities, which can create great value for potential employers. 

In this article, we’ll talk about creating highly professional ReactJS developer resumes and the roles, responsibilities, and skills of a React developer to hire for comprehensive web development projects.

React JS Global Demand Overview

The global demand for React JS developers is increasing drastically during the past few years. In the recent Stackoverflow Developer Survey 2020, the second most loved web framework is React JS. About 68.9% of all participating web developers love it. React JS was the most popular in the category of libraries and frameworks of JavaScript in the previous year with a popularity of 89% followed by Svelte and Vue JS respectively.

About 1,005,150 online websites are powered by the React JS platform, as per the information cited on the SimilarTech website. The USA, China, Indonesia, Russia, and the United Kingdom are the top 5 countries with the most websites that run the React JS library. The Yandex, Yahoo, CNN, Zen Yandex, BBC, and PayPal are the most popular websites with multi-billions and multi-millions of monthly visitors and they search for a React developer resume sample consistently.

The share of React JS in the top 1 million JavaScript-powered websites is about 6%, which is higher than many competitor JavaScript libraries and frameworks. All these cruising figures of growth show the exponentially increasing popularity of the React JS framework.

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How a Perfect React JS Developer Resume Should Look Like?

The demand for a React developer having a great React full stack web development resume is very high in the market, especially in the small and medium-sized companies. The web development industry is facing a substantial shortage of web developers to fill in positions that are arising very fast that reflects on React developer salary. According to the CNBC report, about 700,000 IT jobs remained unfilled in 2019 in the USA only due to the unavailability of the skill set required for that particular job. 

A perfect resume is very crucial in this situation to highlight the right skills to the managers to fill up the vacant positions. A perfect React JS resume should include the following.

  • Technical skills and expertise – Employers search for the technical skills and expertise in a resume that is useful for accomplishing project tasks smoothly. So, highlight the technical skills and expertise in the React JS platform and allied tools. 
  • Proven experience – Employers look for practical experience in the projects, assignments, and environments that they are having. So, a good resume should express the details of practical work done and its impact on the project and business. 
  • Soft skills– Soft skills such as communication, cooperation, dedication, team-work, leadership, problem-solving, and other skills make a resume more valuable from the employer’s perspective.   

Samples of a Great Multi-level ReactJS Developer Resume

Mid-Level React Developer Resume Example

mid level reactjs developer resume sample

Senior React JS Developer Resume Sample

senior react developer resume sample

React/Redux Developer Resume Sample

react redux developer resume example

What to Look for While Selecting a React JS Developer?

The front end React developer resume is one of the hot niches in the software development field. To choose the right React JS developer, you should look for the following qualities.

Hard and soft skills

React JS developer skill set should include both hard and soft skills. The hard skills should include knowledge of all languages, tools, and platforms used in ReactJS-based development. The soft skills should include management skills, personal skills, and work ethics.

Role and responsibilities

React JS roles and responsibilities play a vital role in choosing the right candidate. You should look for the previous roles and responsibilities performed by the ReactJS developer that will resemble the ones you are going to assign. A matching candidate should have already played similar types of roles and responsibilities that your job position will demand.

Professional experience

Of course, there is no alternative to experience. Choose at least 3 years or more experience as a good React JS developer to accomplish your job successfully and independently. You should also ask for previous assignments and portfolios before choosing anyone.

Final Takeaway

How to find a great React JS consultant with the desired skills, experience, and qualification is a complex and cumbersome task, which requires a high level of hiring expertise and professionalism. In many cases, hiring a React JS developer with the desired skills end up in a nightmare. So, it is a great idea for small and medium-sized businesses to choose professional-level React JS development services for hiring the right coder for your projects.

If you are looking for React JS Developer CVs of highly skilled, experienced, and qualified developers, you are welcome to contact us to send you more ReactJS Developers resumes right now!