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Ways to Build a Powerful React.js Development Team

According to the Enterprise JavaScript in 2019 report, React JS is one of the leading JavaScript libraries used by over 63% of the developers working in the domain of front-end development globally. According to the rough estimation, there are more than 5 million React developers across the world. Over 3.3 million websites use React JS, especially large traffic websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, CNN, and others. This huge popularity creates substantial demand for in-house as well as offshore React development teams.

Let’s talk about the important capabilities of a ReactJS team that make projects successful, and the ways and procedures to hire React.js development team professionally.

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Notable Capabilities of React.JS Development Team

A professional React team offers many professional capabilities that steer the development project to success. A cross-functional team of in-house developers and React JS developer remote professionals offers numerous capabilities, which play a very vital role in making any web application development project a big success. A few of them are listed below:

  • Designing professional user interfaces that are in line with the modern trends
  • Offer an accurate and result-oriented assessment of customer requirements
  • Effective translation of customer requirements into software solutions
  • Efficient use of React JS library and its allied tools for development
  • Designing and developing the most professional code by utilizing numerous useful tools
  • Offer greater access to cutting-edge technologies and advanced expertise
  • Increases performance and profiling of React-based code through professional approaches
  • Provide a vast experience of developing solutions to complex problems
  • Provide great test coverage, efficient debugging, and great performance monitoring

All of the above-mentioned capabilities of the professional React JS development team help complete the web development projects with the desired results.

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Top 3 Ways of Searching and Forming a React JS Team

With the advent of modern communication technologies, the traditional ways of hiring are gradually being replaced with the numerous new models of searching and hiring tech-talent, especially in the field of information technology. According to Statista information, the share of IT outsourcing accounts for about 71.89% of the total outsourcing market value of about $92.5 billion in 2019. IT outsourcing and outstaffing are powered by the following three major models of searching and forming React JS teams.

In-House React.js Team Building

It is the traditional model of building a team of React JS developers on the office premises. This is normally done through manual hiring within the country or city. Sometimes, hiring from foreign countries is also done but that involves the relocation of the employee to the in-house team location. This is a very costly and lengthy process influenced by numerous local social and country rules and regulations.

Freelance Team Building

Freelance team building is the cheapest model in which freelancer React developers are hired from numerous freelancing portals and added into the existing team. The reduced development cost is the most attractive stuff of this model. As far as the reliability and quality of work are concerned, it is considered as the most unreliable form of team-building of ReactJS developers. This way of team building is a big gamble in terms of quality and timely delivery of the project.

Partnering with Dedicated Team Providers

Partnering with a dedicated React JS team provider is one of the best trade-offs between quality, cost, and reliability. In this model of team building a service provider is contacted for providing the professional React JS developers at certain agreed terms on quality, cost, and reliability. This form of hiring offers a guarantee from the providers for offering the best and dedicated services by a team of professional React JS developers.

This form of team building is suitable for almost all types and sizes of enterprises that need the services of a professional team of ReactJS developers for their projects.

Useful Tips on Finding the Right React JS Outsourcing Vendor

Finding and finalizing the right React JS outsourcing vendor is also a tricky process and requires professional expertise. Adhere to the following tip to hire ReactJS development company for your project:

choosing the right react js team provider
  • Searching the market. First of all, search for the React JS service providers through different keywords on Google. Use multiple keywords to make a list of the companies you feel to be scrutinized more deeply.
  • Choosing the right location. Always choose the nearest location where you can, sometimes, travel easily. The right location should also overlap a few hours of working with the location of the customer.
  • Budget evaluation. One of the most important factors of hiring a remote ReactJS team is development cost. Take a comparative look at the price and your budget to make a suitable decision.
  • Assessing reviews. Make sure, you check reviews left by numerous past customers of the service provider online. It is a great idea to compare the reviews with a few other companies of similar characteristics. Always try to use organic service reviewing websites and avoid paid websites for review assessing.
  • Reviewing portfolios. Check for the past projects completed by the company you are scrutinizing. If the portfolios are not available on the websites of the service providers, then ask the support team to provide you the details about the past projects the company has completed successfully.
  • Shortlisting. Combine all of the above-mentioned analysis and make a list of the companies that you decide to talk to for more details and negotiation.
  • Finalizing. Contact the shortlisted companies and negotiate about the quality, cost, reliability, delivery, disputes, and resolution of the disputes and other factors. When you get an attractive deal, make a contract, and sign the documents electronically.

Top Destinations for Hiring a Dedicated React JS Development Team

Ukraine, Romania, India, Poland, Russia, Egypt, Malaysia, and other countries are a few very popular destinations for hiring a dedicated React JS development team remotely. Every country has its strengths and constraints in terms of providing ReactJS development services. Some countries offer very low prices but they are not good at quality, while others offer great reliability but they are very costly.

So, choosing the right destination is also tricky. If you are looking for the best combination of quality, reliability, professionalism, and price, it is a good idea to choose Ukraine. Whether you want outsourcing Ukraine React node or a comprehensive web application development, you will end up with an exciting outcome.

Ukraine ReactJS dedicated teams offer:

  • High-quality work
  • Heartfelt reliability
  • Professional attitude
  • Competitive prices
  • High-level commitment
  • Tech-savvy teams
  • Innovative ideas 

If you are looking for building a remote React JS development team, get in touch with us to get professional-level help in hiring great ReactJS developers now!